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The owners of businesses can benefit from this opportunity and boost their income with a business parallel to theirs and risk free. To become an Agent of Titanes, you will be offering your clients an additional service and will attract, at the same time attract new clients. Commencing is simple. You will receive all the teams, material, backup and training needed. There is no price of installation neither should you buy equipment.

Titanes offers competitive commissions for the Agents in each transaction. Your business will be able to increase its base of clients at the same time, offering the community a service of confidence of tranferring money.

  Take Advantage of the Promotional Support of Titanes
To maintain the Titanes name in the minds of your actual clients and produce new clients, we employ promotional publicity, providing all the necessary material. The efforts of publicity include advertisements in radio, newspapers and television, also promotional events and support from the local market. Grupo Titanes